Sunday, June 26, 2011

Benjamin - Jan 13 & 14

Jan 13
Today we met up with the sheriff who told us about the Hippie Hole. So we went back to Blythe, stocked up, then headed to Hippie Hole, AZ. When we got there Deborah and I made a fire, then we roasted hot dogs and made bannock.

Jan 14
Today we went fishing again while Dad moved the RV to a better spot. Then a guy named Arthur, aka Art, told us abut a bombing base behind the mountain.

Rachel's First Posts - January 10 & 11

Finally have got caught up with everything that has been left undone at home since our trip ended, so I'm now taking the time to put up the rest of the journal entries from the children during our snowbirding adventure:

Jan 10
We left Quartzite for California. When we got to California we came to a city called Blythe. Dad was having trouble with the steering wheel, so we went to Easy Lube to get it fixed. They didn't have a part so they let us stay the night there. Good night!

Jan 11
They fixed the steering wheel and then we went on to Palo Verde. We found a cool county park that was like a jungle that we stayed at for the night.

Jan 12
Woke up early. Deborah, Ben and I found a cool place by number 13 (camping site at the park we stayed at) and went fishing there. We saw an owl and made a fireplace there.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Deb's Posts for Jan 8 & 9 - Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Jan 8
Mom, Rachel & I woke up early to do the bird walk. We saw lots of birds, but we missed going to the river  (to see more) because we wanted to go to the Elvis birthday party. It was fun and we learned how to use a compass and a map. We also got to dress up as Elvis!

Jan 9
Today we are going to leave for California - baby, here we come. Whoo-hoo!!! We went on the hike to Grandpa, the 5th largest cactus in Arizona. It was so humongous, it was cool. Then, we saw an insect show & slides and found out that anthills are like huge human cities, ant-sized, underground. It was amazing. Then we had to say good-bye to Ranger Pat and everyone else and head on to Quartzsite to spend the night.
The Grandpa cactus

Benjamin's Post for Jan 7, 2011 - Estrella Mountain Regional Park

We did the kid’s “4 Senses” hike. We tasted agave nectar, four-winged salt bush, mesquite bean cookies, and some prickly pear cactus jelly. Then we smelled some stinky skunk juice!

Later, Dad & I went on a 2 hour long bike ride (it was a 20 mile long competitive bike loop near a Nascar race track), while the girls went telescoping.

Deb's Posts for Jan 2 & 4 - Apache Junction

Jan 2
I got to ride a horse for my birthday. Yipee! It was super fun. the horse that I rode was called the Cat - short for Cat Be Nimble. I also learned how to make her walk, trot & gallop, and make her walk on a bridge & in a tire. I think I was better at stopping than anything else. After, I went with mom & Rachel to get a cake. It was a black forest cake and it was good. we had a barbecue and watched True Grit (without Mom - she was asleep).

Jan 4
Did another horse ride today without the other girls, only Miss Rosemary. We rode around the town. i got to saddle and pick the Cat’s hooves. I had a fun time and was sad we had to say good-bye. I promised to write to her. Now we are back in Estrella Park.

Brushing up after today's ride
note from Mom - Miss Rosemary operates the Tecolote School of Horsemanship in Apache Junction. She's also a great teacher of life skills, not just horseback riding, with the right combination of grit & sweetness to train up her students. I highly recommend her!